Organizational Effectiveness

Gain an edge over your competition by aligning your
talent and business strategy


Align your talent and business strategy and ensure that your corporate culture supports both. By increasing your organization’s effectiveness, you will gain an edge over your competition.


organizational talent audits

Organizations commonly engage in business planning activities. We believe that a structured People Planning process should have the same level of intention as Financial Planning, IT Planning or Sales Planning. In fact, CoralBridge views People Planning as the keystone for all the other planning processes because without it, they are destined to fall short.

We will help you develop a comprehensive, strategic and systemic approach to deploying people in the organization. We work with proprietary tools, including the Human Asset Inventory (HAI) and Leadership Pipeline Dashboard, which are sophisticated and automated methodologies that measure, respectively, competencies and talent to improve the speed and quality of decision making about people.

team building

Not all teams have the skills and complementary profiles required to perform at a high level - even when comprised of very talented and motivated people. Great teams don’t happen by accident. Aristotle said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It takes careful planning to ensure that the team includes the right mix of people and concentrated effort so that team members leverage their strengths and complement one another to produce superior results.

We offer two, core team building workshops in ½, full or two-day formats. These include The Five Dysfunctions of a Team based on the work of noted author Patrick Lencioni as well as Hogan Team Discovery which provides you a snapshot of your team’s personality profile and increases the self awareness of team members. We can also customize a workshop to address issues and challenges more specific to your organization.

organizational culture enhancement

Culture is defined as the beliefs, values and behaviors that a group has adopted over time as a way to survive and thrive. Successful organizations frequently point to their culture as a core strength yet they often cannot explain why. More importantly they do not know how it can be improved to achieve even better results. We know that culture, teams and talent all impact your organization’s ability to drive key performance metrics. Utilizing the Denison Culture Survey, we help you assess the strengths and the weaknesses of your culture and raise the bar on performance by leveraging this critical but underutilized aspect of your business.

employee safety assessment

Each year, accidents caused by unsafe work behavior result in unnecessary human misery and billions of dollars in business expenses related to worker’s compensation claims, lost time accidents, and serious injuries. Our Hogan Safety Assessment can be utilized for selection or development of employees This leads to improved safety awareness and safety behavior on the job resulting in a reduction in absenteeism, worker’s compensation costs and lost time accidents.

“We found the Human Asset Inventory® and Leadership Report useful tools to evaluate the talent base and look at the gaps we had. Candor of the process was key in creating the environment of teamwork we needed. Once the team addressed the talent picture and development process, our executive team was able to move quickly.”

Ralph Mueller, CEO/President
University of Pennsylvania Hospital Systems

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