Leadership Development

Develop leadership capabilities so that your talent
becomes a sustainable, competitive advantage


Develop your business's leadership capabilities so that your talent becomes a sustainable, competitive advantage as you embrace rapid change and look to future growth.

CoralBridge is affiliated with Hogan Assessments and Kaplan DeVries. Hogan is an international authority and leading expert in the utilization of personality assessments to drive business results. Our consultants are certified in the use of Hogan's extensive portfolio of employee selection, development, and leadership tools that allow companies to better manage their human capital and retain top talent. Our consultants also possess significant expertise with Kaplan DeVries' pioneering 360º assessment, the LVI, which measures leadership versatility. This tool serves as an excellent complement to the Hogan Instruments, but can also stand alone.


Leadership Selection Assessment

Utilizing the suite of Hogan instruments, we help evaluate new candidates for hiring consideration and assess current employees to determine readiness for new roles and responsibilities. People are usually hired or promoted for their intelligence. We all want to hire smart people. However, they are often fired for something else, typically poor communication skills or an inability to get along in the workplace. Studies have shown that combining assessment with behavioral interviewing leads to the selection and promotion of better performing employees and stronger cultural fits.

executive & High-potential Coaching

Coaching can help to realize the potential of your leaders by leveraging their strengths and creating self-awareness about their weaknesses. Utilizing a blend of behavioral assessment and 360º feedback, we provide each client with a comprehensive blueprint of how they are “hard-wired” and perceived by others in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on the development of an action plan for improvement tied to business results.

Skill-Building Workshops

Improve the core leadership skills of your first level supervisors and more experienced senior managers through one of our practical workshops. Build a more engaged and motivated workforce where employees come first and customer delight is a cultural norm.

Courses Include
Managing for Employee Engagement Essential Skills of Leadership
Introduction to Conflict Management Essential Communication Skills
Developing and Coaching Conducting Performance Appraisals


Think of on-boarding as orientation on steroids. Our on-boarding services increase the effectiveness of your key executive hires. For newly hired leaders, we help shorten "start-up" time, increase learning and action, as well as improve productivity during the crucial first 100 days at your organization.

“The workshop went very well, thank you very much! The presentation generated much discussion. As you can imagine the topic of leadership is treated much differently in China and by Chinese presenters”

Rusty Brooks, Professor, Chinese Leadership Academy
Carl Vinson School of Government, University of Georgia

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