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Conflict is perhaps the largest reducible expense within an organization. In fact, the two fastest ways to improve bottom line profitability are increasing revenues and managing conflict more effectively. On average, supervisors spend six hours a week on destructive conflict, and line employees spend even more. In a company with 500 employees, the cost of poorly managed conflict can exceed $3 million a year. Not to mention litigation expenses that easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars per case.

CoralBridge offers a better way. Through our Conflict Transformation Institute (CTI) we deliver comprehensive conflict management and dispute resolution services for organizations, school systems, government entities, law firms and private individuals.* CoralBridge can help your organization become more profitable by developing your conflict management skills and substantially reducing or eliminating your employment-related litigation expenses and destructive conflict. Moreover, our experienced mediators can help disputants in the litigation and pre-litigation phases of employment, business, commercial, and personal injury matters to resolve their conflicts in a timely and cost-effective manner. We maintain an affiliation with Kuest & Robinson whose unique automated assessment tool, the ACN, diagnoses the extent and cost of conflict in an organization.

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conflict management training

The Conflict Management Toolbox
Difficult Interactions
Conflict De-Escalation Skills
Basic and Advanced Mediation Skills
Attorney Training Series
Mediation Advocacy
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Additional programs customized to your specific needs

mediation services

CoralBridge employs highly trained and experienced mediators able to utilize a variety of mediation techniques to foster communication, solve problems creatively, preserve relationships, and resolve issues. We will mediate both litigated and non litigated disputes, including employment, workplace, family business, commercial and personal injury matters.

workplace conflict de-escalation

CoralBridge deploys experienced teams of professionals with backgrounds in HR, law, and dispute resolution to de-escalate and intervene in volatile organizational conflict, providing interim stability while long term solutions are developed and implemented.

conflict coaching

Our Conflict Coaching program develops conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies, and interaction skills. It enhances individuals’ abilities to effectively prevent, manage,and resolve conflict, and grow from it. It is especially beneficial to those engaged in workplace/personal conflict,adapting to a new organizational setting or developing leadership skills.

dispute resolution systems design

We work with you to build an Integrated Conflict Management Process focused on early conflict identification and intervention, and where necessary, the effective and economical resolution of disputes. Our objective is to substantially reduce or eliminate your employment or consumer-related litigation expenses and improve working relationships. Moreover, we believe that a Dispute Resolution System can serve as a tool to not only cut expenses but also grow revenues through innovation, customer responsiveness and greater employee engagement.

group facilitation

Our expert facilitators focus on maximizing the efficiency, creativity, and overall effectiveness of a group discussion in a wide variety of settings, including boardrooms, strategic planning, teambuilding, focus groups, negotiations, and retreats.

ombudsman services

This neutral, independent channel of communication provides information and helps people reframe issues, develop options and solve problems.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your assistance with the resolution of this matter. We could not have settled this case without your patience, tenacity and determination. You stuck with it and because you did, we were able to resolve this case.”

L. Anthony George, Esq., Attorney
Brian Cave LLP

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